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Prevent Ankle Sprains with These Strengthening Exercises

Prevent Ankle Sprains with These Strengthening Exercises
Prevent Ankle Sprains with These Strengthening Exercises

Prevent Ankle Sprains with These Strengthening Exercises

Every time you take a step, there are over 26 bones in your foot and ankle that combine into 33 joints that make each of those steps possible. If the ankle joint is damaged, the pain can be debilitating. As the ankle joint is a wobbly one where injuries are common. However, there are exercises that can help you strengthen your lower body and prevent injury.

Strengthening the muscles in your lower leg is crucial to preventing sprains, as they provide an active stabilization system for the ankle when weight is applied to the joint. Here are a few strengthening exercises to help prevent ankle sprains:1

Standing Heel Raise

Standing heel raises help to strengthen the calf muscles and the muscles that stabilize the ankle. They also improve balance and the body’s ability to cope with high-impact force.

Practice Your ABCs

Sit with your legs out in front of you. Raise one leg slightly in the air and draw out the letters of the alphabet. This exercise helps maintain mobility in the ankle as well as muscle strength through. Repeat on the other foot.

Single-Leg Standing Exercise

Balance on one leg for as long as you are able. Be sure to focus on distributing the weight on the entire foot. This exercise helps cultivate balance and stability when walking or performing higher-impact activities such as running.

Four Squares

Create a four-square grid on the floor with tape. The squares should be equal in size. Hop on one foot in the following directions: side-to-side, front-to-back, clockwise, and counterclockwise. Repeat with the other leg.

Instead of working to heal and strengthen an injured ankle, strengthen and protect your healthy joint now. These few exercises, when performed regularly, are small but significant preventative steps.

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