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Our Philosophy on Patient Care

  • Quality

    We believe that you are entitled to the best quality medical care. We strive to maintain state-of-the-art expertise in Orthopaedic care. If we feel that we cannot provide you with absolutely the best care for your condition, we will refer you to another physician who can.

  • Communication

    We believe that a person should answer the phone at your physician's office, not a recording. When you have questions, we believe that you should be able to speak directly with your physician, and in a timely manner.

  • Participation

    We believe that you should participate in your own Orthopaedic care. We don't treat diagnoses, we treat people. We will provide you with information on your condition and its treatment options. We expect you to help direct us to form the best possible treatment plan for you as an individual, whether a professional athlete, weekend warrior, or retiree.

  • Access to Your Doctor

    Your evaluation and treatment decisions will be performed solely by an experienced Orthopaedic Surgeon.

  • Priorities

    The patient always comes first! We believe that your Orthopaedic care should be driven by what's best for you-NOT what's best for the physician, staff, hospital, or insurance company.

  • Compassion

    In the practice of medicine, there can be a tendency for providers to become callous in the treatment of patients. We promise to treat you with courtesy and respect, as we would a member of our family.

  • Convenience

    We believe that you should be seen in our office in an efficient, timely manner, without long waits. Your time is just as important as ours.


    We will not "over-book" large numbers of patients into our office hours. Instead, we will spend the necessary time to make sure you understand your diagnosis and treatment options, and to answer all of your questions. We are able to accomplish these goals by being well-organized and cultivating a healthy work environment with an emphasis on team work. This allows us to deliver higher quality, more personal care that best fits your individual needs.

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